Jenn_bioJenn Stephenson – Professor

Associate Professor

Education:  M.A. (English. University of Western Ontario)
M.F.A. (Theatre Design. University of Victoria)
Ph.D. (Drama. University of Toronto).

Awards: Tom Patterson Award, Stratford Festival (1996)
Clifford Leech Dissertation Prize from University of Toronto
Nominated for Governor General’s Gold Medal for Ph.D. (2003)
Honourable Mention Richard Plant Essay Award, CATR (2007)
Drama Department Teaching Award (2004-05, 2008-09, and 2014-15)
Ann Saddlemyer Award, Canadian Association for Theatre Research (2013)
Nominated for Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching (2015)

Blog: “Upsurges of the Real” www.realtheatre.wordpress.com

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Performing Autobiography in Contemporary Canadian Drama (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2013) Winner of the Ann Saddlemyer Award CATR.

Edited Books:

Solo Performance Critical Perspectives on Canadian Theatre in English series (Toronto: Playwrights Canada Press, 2011)

REVIEW of Solo Performance by Hervé Guay


“Winning and/or Losing: The Perils and Products of Insecurity in Postdramatic Autobiographical Performance” Theatre Journal (forthcoming May 2016)

“Performativité utopique du corps autobiographique (de la marionette), ou Billy Twinkle: Requiem for a Golden Boy et la vraie nature de l’amour” Interactions fictionnelles et scéniques dans le solo contemporain. Ed. Gilbert David and Francis Ducharme. L’annuaire théâtral 59 (forthcoming Winter 2016).

“Uncertainty: A User’s Guide.” Foreword to Winners and Losers by James Long and Marcus Youssef. (TalonBooks: Vancouver, 2015).

“Here’s to Shutting Up: Lessons of the MU-koan in A Beautiful ViewNew Essays in Canadian Theatre: Daniel MacIvor. Ed. Richie Wilcox. (Toronto: Playwrights Canada, 2015): 89-108.

“A list of questions about how we ask questions: Some thoughts on KMb and Theatre” Theatre Research in Canada 35.2 (2014): 242-243.

After the Apple: Post-lapsarian Realism in Garden//Suburbia — an autobiographical site-specific work” New Canadian Realisms: New Essays on Canadian Theatre volume 2. Ed. Roberta Barker and Kim Solga. (Toronto: Playwrights Canada, 2012): 68-86.

“BIOBOXES: Artifacting Human Experience” introduction to playscripts. New Canadian Realisms: Eight Plays. Ed. Roberta Barker and Kim Solga (Toronto: Playwrights Canada, 2012): 128-133.

“The ICE Approach: Saving the World One Broken Toaster at a Time” co-authored with Grahame Renyk. Canadian Theatre Review 147(Summer 2011).

“Hearing Hope: Metatheatrical Utopias in Performed Radio Drama” New Theatre Quarterly 101 (Spring 2010): 1-12.

“Re: Performing Microhistories: Postmodern Metatheatricality in Canadian Millennial Drama” Re: Reading the Postmodern Ed. Robert Stacey (Ottawa: U of Ottawa P, 2010) 249-268.

“Kneading You: Performative Meta-Auto/Biography in Perfect Pie” Theatre Research in Canada 31.1 (Spring 2010): 57-75.

“Portrait of the Artist as Artist: A Celebration of Autobiography” Canadian Theatre Review 141 (Winter 2010): 50-54.

“Performing Outside The Box” Canadian Theatre Review 137 (Winter 2009): 61-67. Co-authored with Laura Levin, Marlis Schweitzer, Kim Solga and Belarie Zatzman

“The Notebook and the Gun: Performative Witnessing in Goodness English Studies in Canada 34.4 (December 2008): 97-121.

Spatial Ambiguity and the Early Modern Postmodern in King Lear Drama and the Postmodern: Assessing the Limits of Metatheatre. ed. Daniel Keith Jernigan (Youngstown, NY: Cambria P, 2008): 23-44.

“Singular Impressions: Metatheatre on Renaissance Celebrities and Corpses” Studies in Theatre and Performance 27:2 (Summer 2007) 137-153.

“Meta-enunciative Properties of Dramatic Dialogue: A New View of Metatheatre and the Work of Sławomir Świontek” Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism 21:1 (Fall 2006)115-128.

Translation: Excerpts from Le Dialogue Dramatique et le Metathéâtre by Sławomir Świontek Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism 21:1 (Fall 2006)129-144.

“Striding Along the Mommy Track” University Affairs (May 2006) Co-authored with Marlis Schweitzer. 22-25.

“Metatheatre and Authentication through Metonymic Compression in John Mighton’s Possible Worlds Theatre Journal 58:1 (March 2006) 73-93.

“Herodotus in the Labyrinth: REED in Hypertext.” REED in Review. eds. Audrey Douglas and Sally-Beth MacLean. Studies in Early English Drama Series. (Toronto: U of Toronto P, 2006) 200-215.

***Various book reviews and performance reviews for Biography, Theatre Journal, Theatre Survey, Shakespeare Bulletin, Theatre Research in Canada and Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering.


Views and Reviews Co-editor for Canadian Theatre Review — issue 142 (Spring 2010) to present.
Canadian Theatre Review 163: Performing Futures (Summer 2015) Co-edited with Laura Levin
Canadian Theatre Review 156: Archives
(Fall 2013) Co-edited with Kathryn Harvey
Canadian Theatre Review 150: Manifestos
(Spring 2012) Co-edited with Natalie Alvarez
Canadian Theatre Review 148: Artists and Communities (Fall 2011) Co-edited with Julie Salverson and Kim Renders


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